It is known from the local defense forces and the residents that the revolutionary forces have completely captured the town of Kya Twee town in the border of Magway Division and Chin State. On April 29, the Chin Defense Forces, Arakan Army (AA) and other revolutionary joined forces to capture the town of Kya Twee, which had been besieged for more than four months since December 2023.

“The main area of the city has been seized,” said a defense official. During the town capture battle, the military council repeatedly bombed the hospital and villages, and the residents said that the military council’s army bombed and defended.

“For the past 5 days, bombs have been dropping four or five times a day. It’s been going on for days,” said a local. Although the military council forces fought hard from the air to capture the town, it was captured by the revolutionary forces for several months.

The revolutionary forces said that during the city capture battle, prisoners of war were captured by the military council army and the reinforcements dropped by the air were crushed. Kya Twee town was attacked by the CDFs and the PDFs in Yaw area, and later the AA joined the attack.

In December 2023, CDF and PDF forces joined forces to attack the military council camp in Kya Twee, and when they were close to the camp, the military council had to retreat due to airstrikes and reinforcements. The CDF has announced that since March 7 of this year, Chin Brotherhood has been carrying out the battle to take over the town of Kya Twee.

Kya Twee town was upgraded from a village to a city in April 2019 under the elected civilian government, and more than a thousand people live in the city. In the north, the town of Kanpalet. In the northeast, Mindat and Kyauk Thu town, to the east is the town of Saw, and to the west is Rakhine State’s Kyauk Taw town.

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