U Nyunt Win, permanent secretary of the Military Council’s Ministry of Labor, confirmed that any business that would send men from Myanmar as foreign migrant workers has been temporarily suspended since yesterday, May 1. U Nyunt Win, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Labor, said that they will no longer allow any men to be sent as foreign migrant workers.

“Until the end of April, there are no lists of boys who were posted with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). There are also a small number of workers who will go through intergovernmental employment agencies. Starting from May 1st, only the list of women will be allowed to be sent as migrant workers. The national list will be suspended as needed during the suspension period.” Why was it suspended? It is said that the temporary suspension is based on the need without saying exactly how long the suspension will last.

An official from an overseas employment agency in Theingun Gyun Township, Yangon Region, said that the Military Council may be restricting the number of men trying to go abroad after the Militia Conscription Law came into effect.

“The military council enacted the law that they don’t have to serve in the military because they want young men. From the day that law came into effect, men were the kind of people on the upper road. It’s possible that the military council has restricted them because they’re going out as they please using the methods below.”

General Min Aung Hlaing, Chairman of the Military Council, in a message sent on the occasion of International Labor Day, which fell on May 1, stated that all workers are an essential force for the country, so they are protecting the rights of Burmese migrant workers abroad.

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