The Taang National Liberation Army (TNLA) announced today of June 28, 2024 that they captured more than 380 large and small arms after attacking and capturing the Infantry Military Battalion (115) base of the Military Council based in Naungcho, northern Shan State.

Among the seized weapons were various types of weapons such as 81 mm, 60 mm heavy weapons, RPG-7, Point-5 machine guns and assault rifles. In addition, more than 50,000 small arms bullets, RPGs, 80 mm, 60 mm, and more than 500 different types of heavy weapons, bombs, mines, and talking machines were also seized.

At present, TNLA groups have controlled almost all places in the town, including the Naungcho police station and departmental offices, residents said. The Military Council has not released any news about these situations, and the Shan State Spokesperson of the Military Council, State Economy Minister U Khun Thein Maung, has no answer.

Since June 25th, the TNLA, Mandalay PDF, Dhanu PDF, and allied groups have been waging town capture battles in Naungcho, Kyaukme, Thipaw townships in northern Shan State, and Mokok town Mataya townships in Mandalay Region as a follow-up to Operation 1027.

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