Every time I bend, It is reported that the military camp at Myit Tha Dam in Gangaw Township may be attacked and taken over by joint defense forces this morning, December 22. The military councils at Myit Tha Dam are the soldiers of the 50th Army based in Gangaw, CDF Mindat, CNDF, CDF-KKG and PDF joint forces were able to attack and capture the military council soldiers who fled.

“They came with 3 jet fighters. They also marched from the hill with a large weapon. Two of the dams broke. There are people injured on our side as well,” said a CDF-KKG trooper.
According to a CDF Mindat soldier, Tam Ling the platoon commander, was killed during the battle to capture the Myit Tha Dam camp.

According to local residents, the military council troops have been stationed at the Myit Tha Dam for over a year, and since the military camp was established, the military council troops have been patrolling Gangaw town with 6 cars. The Myit Tha Dam is also a hydroelectric plant that sends electricity into the power grid.

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