Chin State, Mutupi Township, Military Council camp stationed on Paletwa – Mutupi Road was jointly attacked by the Chin Defense Force (Matupi), Chin Defense Force (Mindat), Chin National Defense Force (CNO/CNDF) and Chin Defense Force (Lautu).

During the siege of the camp, Chin Defense Force (Mindat) soldier Salai Lian Chin Thang was killed and a soldier was injured, said Chin Defense Force (Matupi) spokesman Salai John Kim. A soldier of the Chin Defense Forces (CDF) said that two soldiers were killed and at least 10 were injured in the exchange of fire when the Chin Defense Joint Force chased down the fleeing military council troops.

It is reported that three local men and one woman from Vankai village in Matupi Township were killed and one local man was seriously injured due to an air strike by the Military Council during the closing of Thaiboi camp.

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