It is reported that more than 3,000,000 Kyats of money were seized from the 296th camp of the Military Council Army during the battle to take over the town of Tonzang in Chin State. The Chin National Army (CNA) and the Chinand Defense Forces (CDFs), occupied Cikha town in Tonzang Township on May 19, and on May 21, the Military Council camp police station and other places where the Military Council was stationed in Tonzang town were occupied by members of the Chinland government forces.

CNF/CNA spokesperson Salai Hteet Ni also told the media that more than 50 small arms of the military council forces were seized in the battle to take over the town of Tonzang. It is reported that 2 soldiers were killed on the side of the Chinland government forces and around 20 soldiers were killed on the side of the Military Council and their comrades ZRA in the battle of Tonzang.

In addition to the fact that the military force that had surrendered the town of Cikha is carrying out a heavy air attack to prevent the town from falling, yesterday, May 22, it sent more reinforcements with helicopter. According to a statement from the People’s Administration of Tonzang, the soldiers of the Military Council, who sent reinforcements by air, captured some people who were fleeing the war as guides and released them today on May 23.

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