Sources told Tongsan Media that on May 23, the Chin Revolutionary Joint Forces and the Military Council Army continued to fight near the town of Tonzang in Chin State. On May 17th, the Chin Revolutionary Joint Army started the battle to seize the town of Tungzang, captured the Military Council Army (269) and the police station, and on May 21st, they were able to take complete control of the Tonzang town. However, the source explained that the Military Council Army is trying to recapture the town of Tonzang with aerial reinforcements.

“The situation is still fighting now. Because yesterday, the Military Council forces came down with four helicopters and about 50 forces, not in the town of Tonzang, but in a neighborhood outside the town, because the Military Council forces tried to regain control of the city. The military council troops also dropped jet fighters and bombs today,” the source said.

Currently, the Chin Cooperative Army is still occupying and controlling the Military Council Army’s Infantry (269) Battalion and the police station. “Whether it’s the police station or the Military Council barracks, our Chin Revolutionary Joint Forces have already taken control of such things. They fled the town. But yesterday, the Military Council troops came in force with four helicopters, so they are trying to enter the town. The battle is intense like that,” the source said.

On May 21, CNF/CNA spokesperson Salai Hteet Ni said that during the battle to take over the city of Tonzang, the Military Council army was killed and injured, and some soldiers from the Chin Revolutionary Joint Forces were also killed. In addition, he informed that about 50 small arms were captured from the Military council.

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