The commander of KNLA’s 27th and 12th battalions said that eight soldiers of the military council were captured alive along with their weapons and ammunition during the battle to capture the rock operation base camp in Dawei Township’s Bangchaung area. He said that the attack on Kyauktu camp started at 3:30 p.m. on January 23rd, and was finally captured at 2:30 p.m. on January 24th a day later, he said.

Kyauktu Camp was the first camp in Tanintharyi Division that was captured by the revolutionary forces. “Fifteen people died from the start. We caught 8 people. As for the weapons and ammunition that we can use against the enemy, both large and small, we have 18 guns. “There is no injury on our side,” said the battalion commander.

Battalion Commander Saw Mo Gye is a battalion commander jointly responsible for Karen National Union – KNU (6th Brigade) Karen National Liberation Army KNLA 27th Battalion and 4th Brigade (4th KNLA Battalion 12th Battalion). He said that the 8 members of the Military Council, including Capt. Kyaw Khet Aung from the 2nd Division of the 273rd Battalion, will be dealt with in accordance with the KNU’s rules and regulations.

The Kyauktu Operation Base Camp is a front-line base for the military council soldiers of the 273rd Battalion of the Khah lah yah a based in the Kanpo area of Yephyu Township. In the battle to capture the camp, KNLA Brigade 4 (Battalion 12), KNLA Brigade 6 (Battalion 27) and People’s Defense Forces – PDF units, which are Dawei District T1 Column T5 Column Daung Min Column (PAKAF) raided and attacked, Southern Military Region Sub-Division No. (3) announced.

“This battle is the first battle to capture the camp in Tanintharyi. We will continue to take over the camp and take over the city,” said Comrade Jupiter, Deputy Commander-2 of the Southern Military Region Military Region No. 3. The Southern Military Region Sub-Division No. 3 announced that the camp received four MA1 four MA2 two MA3 six MA4 one MA5 one five-carp fire one five-carp fire one RPG one RPG one 60mm commando diamond grenade and two commando diamond grenades.

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