In Chin State, the Chinland Council announced today that the government members, including the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice and members of the judiciary will be selected in this week. On January 22-23, the second meeting of the election committee was held in Chin State CNF headquarters in Chin State.

In this meeting, the positions of Prime Minister, Minister, Attorney General, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Chinland, and the positions of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Chinland are being negotiated and selected from the lists of proposals sent by various groups.

Chinland Council announced that they will finalize the negotiation and selection process this week. On January 16th, under the leadership of the Chinland Council, Chin National Army CNF/CNA and local defense force officials discussed the tasks related to the establishment of the Ministry of Defense of the Chinland government.

When asked about the discussion about the formation of the Ministry of Defense, Joint Secretary (1) of the Chinland Council, Salai Hteet Ni, told the news agency that there is nothing to comment on at the moment because no details have been discussed yet.

The first meeting of the election committee was held on December 12, 2023, and it is reported that the nomination lists sent by the Government of Chinland and the Supreme Court of Chinland are being accepted and verified. The Chinland Council is said to include 14 CNF/CNA Chin Defense Force (CDF) and some Chin Hluttaw representatives. There are also Chin revolutionary forces that are not part of the Chinland Council.

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