Kokang Army (MNDAA) spokesperson Lee Kyaw Win said that 2 Military council camps in Kokang area were attacked and captured today. 1027 Operation On November 22, when asking about the military news, it was reported that the camp had been captured.

“Today is in Tongshan region. We captured a military camp on the eastern side of Laukkai town near the border. There is a hill called Rensi. There is a military camp on that hill. The next place is the rugged terrain of Shan Won region. We went to clear the area between Long Kaung kyai village and Mankan village. During the clearing, we went to a military camp that was temporarily established by the military council, and captured that military camp,” M said. NDAA spokesperson said.

The MNDAA spokesperson also said that weapons and ammunition were seized from the Military Council during the battle to capture the camp today. MNDAA reported in Chinese that 164 military council camps, including these two camps, have been captured. The Ta’ang Army (TNLA), which is conducting the 1027 operation, has captured at least 46 military council camps, and has captured 210 military council camps in a total of almost a month of operations.

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