Today (November 23) in Shwe Pyay Aye town, Khamti District, Sagaing Division. Starting early in the morning, the PDF joint forces attacked and captured 8 prisoners of war, and only a small camp was left to capture the town, according to Pah Kah Phah of Khamti district.

“Today in Shwe Pyay Aye, the military council army and militia of the Shanni National Army (SNA) were attacked by airstrikes. I was able to save a lot of ammunition. I was able to capture 8 enemies. In order to capture the town, it remains to attack a small camp of the Military Council army,” said a Phah Kah Pah official in Khamti District.

Among the 8 captured prisoners of war were soldiers, militia and SNA soldiers, and about 30 different weapons, including a carbine G3 hammer and a 60mm diamond drill, and ammunition were seized.
It is reported that the No. 1 military region PDF battalion of the township Pah Kah Phah / Pah lah Phah joint forces and allied forces attacked the Military Council’s mobile bases in Shwe Pyay Aye.

“If the PDF captures Shwe Pyay Aye, then they will be able to dominate the Chindwin river. The Military Council troops are also preparing to defend Homalin and Phaung pyin. It is known that Lwin gyi Camp in Phaung pyin Township is also under attack. The fighting is going on and the locals are running away,” said a resident of Phaung pyin. Shwe Pyay Aye town, between Homalin town and Phaung pyin town, is a land road on the upper side of the Chindwin River. It is known from the locals that the city is the focal point of waterways.

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