It is reported that the Kachin Liberation Army (KIA) and joint forces have captured the Myanmar military council army’s Yeo Ying military camp base between Momauk town in Kachin state and Loiye town on the China-Myanmar border this afternoon.

Kachin Liberation Organization (KIO) news source confirmed that it has been captured. On March 27th, KIA and joint forces launched an offensive against Yo Ying camp and nearby camps, which is more than ten miles away from Loiye town.

At that strategic camp, which has been stationed for more than 40 years, troops from three battalions under the 21st Command and Control Headquarters have been jointly deployed and heavy weapons have also been confirmed.

U Maung Maung Soe, a former member of the Communist Party of Burma, who participated in the battle, wrote yesterday on his social networking site that the Yo Ying camp was attacked all day by the joint forces of the Communist Party of Burma and the KIA but could not be captured and had to retreat.

U Maung Maung Soe also wrote, “Today, March 27, 2024, KIA joint forces fought back in Yeo Ying, 39 years and 5 days later. During the Yeo Ying battle in 1985, the top leaders of the KIA, Chief of Staff Ko Khao Loong and KIC Vice Chairman General Gwan Hmaw, have not even joined the KIA yet.”

It is said that during the fierce fighting from yesterday until this morning, the military council army carried out a series of airstrikes. It is reported that some of the members of the military council surrendered during the battle and some fled the camp.

Similarly, along the Momauk-Loiye road near Yeo Ying military base, military council camps such as Shentai, Phalaning, Lomon, Gong Ngu Kung, Ban Yeong, etc., have been attacked and captured by the KIA and joint forces. KIA-led troops have been attacking military council camps around Laiza and Ban Maw Momauk, where the KIO/KIA headquarters are located in Kachin State, since March 7th.

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