October 11, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

While Israel continues its airstrikes in the Gaza region, the Israel-Lebanon border is also being bombarded with artillery and fire. The sounds of gunfire continued to be heard for the third day on Tuesday. After several rockets were fired from southern Lebanon toward Israel, smoke was seen coming out of 3 locations near the Lebanese border along with lines of fire.

A security source told Reuters that the shootings were carried out by Palestinian militant groups. A second source said the Israeli fire hit missile launch sites in southern Lebanon. The Israeli military said that it responded with artillery fire at the missile launch site from the Lebanese territory.

He said that when 15 missiles were launched from Lebanon, 4 of them were intercepted and 10 others fell in the fields. Last Monday, in the tensions along the Lebanese border (3) members of Hezbollah. An Israeli officer and two Palestinian militants who infiltrated into Israel from Lebanon were killed.

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