According to people close to him, the body of young Chin (Zomi) CDM doctor Khual Sian Tung, who died of suffocation in the middle of his way to escape to Malaysia, was buried April 15, 2024 at a village in Karen State without being able to bring it to his hometown.

After the military council activated the mandatory military service law, because personal information was being collected on a nationwide scale to serve in the military, Dr. Khual Sian Tung died of suffocation somewhere in Karen State on April 13 while on his way to escape to Malaysia.

His body could no longer be brought back to his hometown, and he was cremated according to Christian rituals in a village in Karen State on April 15 at 2:00 p.m., according to a person close to him.

“When the army collects lists for military service, I had to go to Malaysia by road to escape because I was worried. I heard from the people who went with him that he was very tired. His body is somewhere in Karen State, because he is a CDM, so there is no way to bring the body back. They were buried in a village in Karen State,” said a person close to the incident.

The deceased Dr. Khual Sian Tung @ Dr. Tutung was a native of Saipi Mual, Tonzang Township, Chin State. Before the military take over, he attended the first year of surgery, but he participated in the CDM, a non-violent civil disobedience movement, against the military regime.

At the time of the severe outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic in Myanmar, Dr. Khual Sian Tung was the one who visited and treated covid-infected patients at home, and was involved in medical evangelism for the church.

Only 32 years old, Dr. Khual Sian Tung graduated from Kalay University in 2008 with 3 honors. He graduated as a doctor from No. 2 Yangon Medical University in 2015 and worked in hospitals such as Mawlamyine and Thanlyin until the military coup.

Posted and Translated by: Tongsan Media Group

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