The People’s Defense Army (Mandalay) reported that the military council camp in Wa Pochap Village, Sint Ko Township, Mandalay Region was completely captured with weapons and ammunition, 11 people, including Lt. Col. Tin Ko, were killed and 15 soldiers surrendered.

On the morning of April 28, Sang Ku Township, It is said that the Military Council base camp in Wah Poh Chyak village was completely captured. In that battle, 11 people, including Lieutenant Colonel Tin Ko, were killed on the side of the Military Council. In addition, 15 military council soldiers surrendered, and 19 small arms. The People’s Defense Army (Mandalay) informed today, April 30, that a lot of ammunition including 60 mm diamond and 1 was seized.

The photo of Lt. Col. Tin Ko, who died in the battle, has also been published. “For a long time, the military council has established a camp in Wa Poh chyak village in Sint Ko township. Therefore, they attacked It was a collision,” said Osmon, the spokesperson of the People’s Defense Army (Mandalay).

In that battle, the People’s Defense Army (Mandalay) was not harmed, and another small camp of the Military Council in Sint Ko Township was also captured.

Residents said that the military council army was stationed in the compound of gold Block in the village of Wa Po chyak, owned by a Chinese rich man. “The column that arrived in the evening of the 27th I got it. The Sanko site has been sold out for a long time. A local scout comrade said the site of the Sint Ko, Chinese rich man with a pig hand.

Daily battles between the People’s Defense Army (Mandalay) and the Military Council forces are also fierce in the vicinity of Thayet kone village in Naungcho Township, and airstrikes by the Military Council are also being conducted continuously every day.

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