October 11, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

The Military Council announced on the night of October 10 that Lieutenant General Moe Myint Tun and Brigadier General Yan Naung Soe were each sentenced to life imprisonment for violating the national oath. Gaining benefits against policies, The previous processes established by the state, The Military Council announced that they committed treason by deviating from the objectives.

In the import of edible oil from abroad, he was involved in taking bribes from business companies, and not only did not take action on the sale of oil above the dollar price set by the central bank. Illegal purchase of foreign currency, According to the statement, the military court issued this order because he violated military regulations and engaged in civilian business.

Lt. Gen. Moe Myint Tun was previously a member of the State Planning and Administration Council formed by the Military Council, Chairman of the Myanmar Investment Commission, Chairman of the Foreign Exchange Supervisory Committee, and Chairman of the Central Committee for Fair and Speedy Trade and Commodity Flows.

Former Brigadier General Yan Naung Soe, while working as the Joint Secretary of the Central Committee for Trade and Goods Flow, cooperated with Lt. Gen. Moe Myint Tun and exchanged Myanmar kyats for foreign currency with businessmen. The military council announced that he was sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes from businessmen, illegally possessing foreign currency, violating military regulations, and participating in civilian business activities.

Chief of Staff (Army) Lieutenant General Moe Myint Tun is ranked number 6 in the entire army, and above him are General Min Aung Hlaing; Lieutenant General Soe Win Commander in Chief (Army, Navy, Air) General Maung Maung Aye; There are only five, Chief of Defense (Air) General Moe Aung and Chief of Defense (Air) General Tun Aung.

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