CDF CDM spokesman said that Military Council camp was opened in Taingen village, Tedim Township, Chin State from the evening of January 12th to the afternoon of January 13th between CNA, CDF-CDM Siyin, CDF-KKG, CDF-Thantlang, CDF-Hakha, CDF-Zanniatram, PDA and CDF-Hualngoram.

“Currently, two have fallen and seven have been injured. The battle is still going on. There are only five soldiers left on the side of the military council, which is why planes and heavy weapons are helping. This time we are not backing down. We will fight to get the camp,” said an official of the CDF CDM Siyin group.

“Since last night, the attack has been going on until now. We have not been able to finish the camp yet. We have entered about half of the camp,” said Salai Hteet Ni. Locals said that at around 8:00 a.m. today, the Military council army bombed Taingen village twice from the air, and in the afternoon they bombed Suahlim village with an airplane.

The Military Council side is continuously firing heavy weapons from the campus of Kalay University in Sagaing Division at Taingen village, and the residents said that they heard the sound of gunshots being fired at least 30 times. It is reported that since December, all the residents of Taingen village, Tedim Township have left their homes and are taking shelter in the nearby Hiangzing village and Kalaymyo.

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