Some military sources have confirmed that the Chin joint forces have captured the town of Cikha in Tonzang township, Chin State. A military source close to the CNA wrote in a social media post today (May 19) that the CNA / CDFs of the Chin joint force under the Ministry of Defense of the Chinland government have captured the SAC Military camp in Cikha town, Chin State. Another military source also confirmed that Cikha town was correct.

On May 11, most of the soldiers in the Military council camp were moved by helicopter to the military camp in Tonzang, and the remaining soldiers and ZRA troops were attacked by the Chin National Army (CNA) and Chin Defense Force (CDF) joint forces at 11:30 a.m. on May 19, 2024

“This morning, the remaining soldiers in the camp started fighting the allied ZRA. After only 10 minutes, the soldiers and the ZRA fled. That’s why we took control of Cikha town and burned the camp,” said a Chin military source.

Cikha town is a sub-township that is part of Tonzang township, Falam district. According to the 2014 census, there are 1,450 people in the city, 9,706 in the countryside, and more than 11,000 living in the sub-township. It is a border town with the town of Tonzang in the south and Tedim town in the east, Khampat town in the west and India in the north.

Although it is known that the Chin joint forces, including CNA and CDF, attacked and occupied the town of Cikha, the situation of the town capture is not yet known. In addition, in another news report, the Chin joint forces attacked the military council camps in Tonzang town on the morning of May 19, and captured the police station in Tonzang town.

“At around 6:40 this morning, our side has captured the Tonzang Military Council police station, and our troops have been able to enter the military camp from the inside. Now, while we are talking, there is a situation where our side will be able to capture that military camp as well,” CDF-Hualngo ram Chief of Staff U Puite informed through the CDF-KKG Supporting Team of North America’s online Fund-Raising program held at about 7:00 a.m. on May 19. the Chin Journal reports.

Since the end of 2023, the Chin Revolutionary forces have occupied the towns of Rih Khawdar, Rezwa, Makui Mnu, and the soldiers of Waibula, Nurein, and Surkhua have fled. At the beginning of this year, the towns of Cikha in Jindwe were occupied by Chin joint forces.

As a result, there are 8 towns in Chin State that have been occupied by Chin joint forces. In addition, the Arakha Army (AA) also attacked and captured military camps in Paletwa Township in Chin State with 1027 military operations. Paletwa Township includes Paletwa Town and Sami Town.

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