American-based Zomi Associations reported that the CNF and the Military Council clashed with local residents in Tonzang township of Chin State. The peace and justice committee of Zomi Baptist Churches of America (ZBCA-USA), which is organized of 37 churches based in the United States of America, issued a statement on May 17 that it strongly protested thousands of local residents, including women and children, had to flee the war due to the fighting and prayed for a speedy peace in the region.

In addition, America-based Zomi Innkuan USA, Inc. (ZIUSA) On May 13, the civil society organization also issued a statement on May 13 that they strongly objected to the CNA forces entering their territory and fighting on May 2.

For the past 20 years, the local people have been suffering from the CNA’s violence, but they have allowed it without retaliating, but now it seems to be getting worse without stopping. Therefore, the local people, who live in peace, strongly disturb the activities of the CNF. Zomi Innkuan USA In. (ZIUSA) stated in a statement that it will stand up to the people of Zomi as necessary.

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