All military council camps in Nam San, the capital of Shan North, Palaung Administrative Region, were attacked and captured by members of Operation 1027, including the TNLA. During the battle, 4 howitzer cannons of the Military Council, various weapons, mines, ammunition, and military equipment were seized, the Ta’ang Army (TNLA) announced today.

Military Council Division-101 in Namsan on the evening of December 15th, all the camps where the commander was stationed and in command were cleared. During the town capture battle, more than 60 corpses of military council troops and 30 military council troops, 3 family members, 6 policemen, 25 policemen’s family members and a total of 64 people were captured as prisoners of war. The large number of weapons and ammunition seized by the revolutionary groups from the Namsan town battle can be seen in online news photos.

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