The eastern director of ZRA-Eastern Command (ZRA-Eastern Command) Pu Zothang told CNI news agency that they cannot establish a Chin state by fighting brothers against each other. At present, the Chin National Front (CNF/CNA) and joint forces have retreated due to the massive attack on their ZRA. He said that even if they come and attack like this, their ZRA will not be defeated.

The eastern director of ZRA-EC, Pu Zothang, said, “We are not making sense now, but they are treating us as enemies. As for us, when we were normally active with our local armed forces, they came to fight us en masse, so we retreated a bit. But we have not changed anything in our political philosophy. Because of the wrong information they have, it is not very fair to treat them as enemies. It will become historic in the long run. We are not disbanded because of them. In the future, we will do politics with politics. It is good because we will do the war with the war. There is no benefit to us fighting each other. There is only death. There is only destruction. It would be good if their leadership knew that. If there is a system where we lead the politics of Chin, then the relationship between our brothers will be destroyed. There are no good prospects,” he said.

On May 19, 2024, the CNA and joint forces captured the townships of Tonzang and Cikha in Chin State, attacking and occupying the ZRA military bases in those townships, according to Chin regional news reports. There is still no information about the CNA joint forces occupying the town of Tonzang and Cikha.

In Chin State, there are frequent clashes between the Zomi Revolutionary Army/Eastern Region (ZRA) and the Chin National Front (CNF/CNA). A Chin ethnic close to the CNF said that the joint force led by the CNF is attacking the ZRA force in order to gain control over trade routes and tax collections. As long as the armed forces of the Chin clan are fighting each other, it will not be possible to build a united Chin country. The eastern director of ZRA-EC, Pu Zothang, said that there will be hatred between the tribes.

“What I want to say is that we cannot build politics by fighting each other. We will not be able to build a united Chin country. I have to adjust, They did not align with the ZRA leadership. When you think about it and act like you guys, things don’t happen. Even if it’s not possible now, it’s best if we talk to each other over the phone. If we don’t do this and continue like this, we will continue with eternal hatred between our brothers and sisters,” he said.

ZRA is active in areas such as Chin State’s Tonzang Township, Tedim Township, Sagaing Region, Kale Township, Tamu Township, Kabaw Valley, Myanmar-India border. The CNF is a Chin armed force that has signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) and is headquartered in Thantlan Township and active in Hakha, Tedim and Mutupi.

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