A Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) official said that the Karenni joint force was able to capture the Maesalangtaung military council camp near Nangfe village in Bawlakhe township, Karenni state. After the attack started on June 19, seven days later (June 25) in the morning, it was reported that it was finally captured.

“We got Maesalaung Hill camp after the revolutionary forces surrounded it,” explained the official above. However, he said that the details of the death of the military council soldier and the availability of ammunition are still unknown.

“Maesalaung Hill is strategic for the Bawlakhe. Next is the 14th Higher Training School in Fruso. It is also important from a military point of view. It needs to be seized. When the Maesalaung Hill camp was captured, the corpses of soldiers and ammunition were found. Details will be released by the battalions,” said a Karenni National Defense Force source.

It is reported that the 2nd battalion under the command of the Shan State, base Operations Command and the Bawlakhe base are jointly stationed at the Maesalaung Hill camp. Maesalaung Hill Camp was captured by the Karenni National Defense Force for the first time in January 2023, and was forced to retreat due to the Military council’s counter offensive.

Currently, the Military council is conducting an offensive to regain control of the areas they lost in Karenni State, and fighting is taking place almost every day in Loikaw town, including Shoutern Shan State and Karenni (Kayah State).

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