Local people say that fighting is going on in Infantry Military Battalion (114) and (115) of Naungcho, Shan State, and the army is bombing the town with jets fighter. Starting from the morning of June 26, the Military council soldiers from the Infantry Military (114) and (115) battalions of the terrorist army fired indiscriminately into Naungcho town with heavy weapons.

While the fighting was going on, the terrorist army had been flying around Naungcho town with jets from around 3:00 p.m. and firing bombs. Jets are already flying into the town. I’m dropping it all the time. A local resident said, “At the top of the town near the railroad tracks, military jet fighters are scattered around the hospital near the weather and water office.”

At present, the sound of gunfire from the ground is quiet and only the sound of airplanes can be heard. It is understood that the terrorist Military Council Army is dropping bombs around the town with 2 jet fighters.

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