It is reported that some local residents who fled the war in Tedim town of Chin State have returned home. Due to the fierce fighting between the local defense forces and the Military Council in the town of Tedim, the residents of Tedim have been forced to evacuate and are now returning to the town.

“In the Sakollam ward neighborhood, people are walking normally and the shops have been also reopened now. People who go out for a walk in the morning have seen it again,” said a Tedim resident. He said that in some neighborhoods, including the center of the town, where houses were damaged by heavy weapons, some residents have no more homes to return to, and the damaged water pipes in the neighborhoods are also being repaired, he said.

Last May 27th, after a battle broke out between the Military council and the local peoples defense forces, the Military council burned down more than 60 houses in Tedim town, and the defense forces were able to attack and capture 2 of the Military council’s camps in the town.

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