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While the value of the Burmese currency is falling, the coup military council has officially announced that it will issue twenty thousand kyat at the end of this month on July 31st. Once the statue of Mara Wizaya, the leader of the military council, was built in Nay Pyi Taw. It is said that it was published to commemorate the one year anniversary of White Elephant. The military council said in a statement that only a limited number of 20,000 kyat will be issued.

It is said that the money will be distributed in exchange for the same value as the old and unusable banknotes in use in the country, and will be exchanged through the Central Banks of the Military Council in Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay. The 20,000 kyat bill is light green in color, with the image of a white elephant printed on the front, and the image of the Sagaing Bridge and the Irrawaddy Bridge (jewel image) on the back.

The Terrorist War Council announced that a new 20,000 kyat banknote would be issued on July 31st. dollar Real estate and car markets are all temporarily closed. On the morning of July 23, the War on Terror Council announced that it would issue 20,000 kyat bank notes, and within hours of this news, sales in all markets were temporarily closed.

“The Sunday market is normal today. Some buyers and sellers also buy. This is a normal situation. Now, the dollar market and the gold market are closed. The price is not even estimated. I don’t know if the markets will be open tomorrow. No matter how limited the issuance of 20,000-ton notes is, everyone is counting on inflation in the market,” said a trader who is a member of the Yangon Region Gold Industry Association.

In the current real estate market, apartments, Condo and real estate special transaction, apartment opened for sale due to the news of twenty thousand kyat from a good location. It is said that some condos and real estates have temporarily stopped selling. “Some of the condos, apartments, and real estate that are for sale may change in price, so we canceled the sale by phone this morning.

“It’s because of the news of 20,000 tons,” said a real estate brokerage businessman located in Tamwe Lai Ward, Tamwe Township, Yangon. The car market is also affected by the news that the 20,000 tons will be published, and the currently rising car prices may rise further.

Source: People’s Spring

Translated: Tongsan Admin Team

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