July 24, 2023 || Tongsan Media Group ||

Sagaing Division According to the People’s Arms-Wetlet group, three soldiers from cell 368 of the terrorist army that entered the township of Wetlet Township came into the light with weapons. It is reported that on June 25, cell 368th soldiers based in Phaung pyin town under the 10th branch of the terrorist army patrolling Wetlet Township, along with their weapons, made CDM.

The battalion commander of those who took refuge in the People’s Arms Wetlet is known to be Lt. Col. Myo Chit, and the platoon commander is known to be Captain Kaung Hteet Zaw. The families of these 2 officers are being linked to each other by revolutionary soldiers, according to the People’s Arms – Wetlet.

The terrorist army serving in Wetlet Township, Troops in the police and related forces; To face the people, love the truth, and want the ministry, but it is difficult for the soldiers and their family members to contact the people’s lap without giving them the status, Declaration No. (1) (2), (3) have been issued separate invitations, as well as many people who have taken refuge in the bosom of the public have been warmly received and their family members are being protected.

In addition, most of those who took refuge in the people’s bosom joined together with the people to fight against the military dictator and his associates. The issue of police work It is reported that they are working together on the training of PDF troops. People’s Arms-Wetlet warmly welcomes all members of the army who want to do CDM in Myanmar, and they will connect with the revolutionary forces in every township they reach, and take special care to make sure they are safe, said the official of People’s Arms-Wetlet. In addition, everyone who does CDM with weapons is given a worthy reward. Wet Lek Township has issued a request to inform the members of the (PAA) and assist them as necessary.

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